Bank Robbers, Mother Nature And Bad Drivers: St. George, Utah … Just Another Week In The High Desert

St. George, Utah – Fortunately for me I spent last week in Southern California, and I couldn’t be happier for it. Missing out on one of our more destructive seasonal monsoon storms to hit the area in a while, the saturated atmosphere teamed up with a post-tropical cyclone named Norbert, producing a torrential deluge and taking out 50 miles of I – 15 … then a seemingly drug addled 37-year-old man decided robbing a local bank was a prudent career choice … I suppose. And last but not least, people kept running into each other on the St. George roadways – – making Southern Utah a slightly bumpy ride last week on the news front.

I – 15 road closure severs the Denver to San Diego artery: last week a soggy and upset tropical depression named “Norbert” wreaked havoc on approximately 50 miles of Interstate 15, dumping nearly 4 inches of rain in five hours and severing a major artery, halting commerce between Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. While it may be slow going, the Nevada Department of Transportation has currently opened the two northbound lanes for North, South traffic.

He won’t do that again: Washington County schools went into lockdown on September 12, when a robbery suspect, Benjamin Schroff, entered a Zions bank in St. George, Utah. Brandishing a gun, demanding money and taking hostages, the bungling bank robber began a Keystone cops like chase around the city of St. George with two female hostages along for the ride. As one could have easily predicted, this scenario did not end well for Mr. Shroff … who is now resting comfortably in the county morgue.

Learn how to drive people: Inattentive drivers, beautiful scenery and the occasional act of God can make driving in southern Utah a little challenging. And this week proved that point perfectly, while some drivers crashed … others just sank.

That’s all folks! Have a great Sunday… See you in the 9 – 5 trenches on Monday!