Happy Thanksgiving St. George Utah

Southern Utah Rocks in 2014 (pun intended): We’ve just about made it to the end of the year and St. George Utah has much to be thankful for – particularly when compared to the rest of the nation. Our real estate market has made a significant recovery in the last 12 months; Southern Utah’s gas prices have recently dipped below $3 a gallon. And in St. George, the weather remains sunny and snow free, while the eastern seaboard sits frozen under a blanket of the white stuff … awaiting flood conditions.

“Happy Thanksgiving St. George Utah”

You’re looking good!

According to statistics provided by the Washington County Board of Realtors, “as lenders began to loosen their requirements and developers begin to build new inventory, St. George’s absorption rate – the rate at which we would run out of inventory if no new houses were added to the MLS – has passed the seven month mark. As our inventory increases marginally, the sold price to list price ratio – the difference between the original list price and the actual sales price – remains just south of 96%. Indicating our areas Realtors are getting better at preparing their Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for their sellers, and thereby listing the property closer to its fair market value. “

As an estimated 41 million people hit the nation’s highways for Thanksgiving 2014, global demand for Saudi Arabia oil is rapidly shrinking. And when combined with America’s increase oil production … the outcome is predictable – reduce gas prices at the pump. After hitting a wallet stinging high of nearly $4.30 in spring of 2013, we now find the gas price pendulum swinging hard in the other direction, and settling just south of $3 a gallon.

While most Americans understand the Thanksgiving represents the busiest travel day of the year, Mother Nature couldn’t care two wits. She’ll do what she’s going to do; regardless of your travel plans. Case in point: as of yesterday afternoon more than 3000 US flights were delayed due to inhospitable weather conditions – with 650 flights scrubbed altogether. While that sounds like a miserable way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday, it could be worse. The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for some Buffalo area residents. And after being pelted by a week of unrelenting snow caused by a perfect storm of lake affect conditions combined with weather variables – Buffalo’s mayor, Byron Brown, claims to have disposed of over 11,000 truckloads of snow from the cities many buried neighborhoods.

Yes indeed – all these are just three examples of how good we’ve got it … we definitely have a lot to be thankful for in Southern Utah.

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