It’s Almost Vacation Time For Southern Utah’s Nearby National Parks

St. George, Utah – it’s Saturday morning February 28, 2015, and with springtime just around the corner, this seemed like a perfect time to discuss the many opportunities for creating your dream vacation in southern Utah’s nearby National Parks.

From exploring the natural wonders of Zion’s breathtaking views, magnificent red rock sunsets, and adventurous hiking trails, to discovering the plateaus of its grand mesas and the depths of its brilliant canyons… Zion National Park has much to offer!

Some of the best scenery and recreational opportunities in the country can be found within minutes of downtown St. George. In addition to Zion National Park, there are four other National Parks that literally give southern Utah a unique perspective of its spectacular and scenic geological history. The five parks are located in close proximity, only 1 to 3 hours driving time between each other. The areas mild climate provides ideal conditions for year-round camping, hiking and fishing. Water sports start early in the year and the season extends well into the late fall. Some of area’s state park campgrounds are open all year; offering modern restrooms, hot showers, and electric hookups. With camping, swimming, horseback riding, and hiking all on the southern Utah menu, a vacation in Zion National Park will create memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

 It's Almost Vacation Time For Southern Utah's Nearby National Parks

It’s Almost Vacation Time For Southern Utah’s Nearby National Parks

Long coveted as a national treasure, Zion is considered one of the most scenic destinations in southern Utah. The park’s towering sandstone walls and monolithic red cliffs provide a geological perspective on southern Utah’s history. From its life-giving rivers and riparian areas, to the parks pine forests and sandstone deserts; there is much to discover in Zion. Embracing natural arches of elevated sandstone, a diverse variety of plants and animals, the Park is worthy of your family’s valuable vacation time.

As a means of minimizing traffic congestion and controlling any unwanted exhaust issues, shuttle services operate from early April through October in both the National Park and the nearby community of Springdale Utah. As such, private vehicles are not permitted on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive when the shuttle is in operation. That said, the Zion-Mount Carmel highway is open year-round and connects Springdale to Bryce Canyon, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Kanab Utah.

Other nearby state parks in southern Utah include: Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Gunlock State Park, Quail Creek State Park, Sand Hollow State Park, and Snow Canyon State Park.

For those with a little more time on their hands and adventure in their hearts, there are five additional National Parks in close proximity to southern Utah: Canyonlands National Park, Capital Reef National Park, Arches National Park, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon National Park.

Within the nearby State and National Parks visitors will have the opportunity to: take a scenic bike ride, star gaze at the heavens, picnic with loved ones, go horseback riding, camp with friends and family, play on the endless sand dunes, enjoy a multitude of water sports, hike miles of well mapped trails, and explore ancient lava tubes.