Real Estate Listings At Your Fingertips: Why My Buyers Have a Competitive Advantage

Understanding that over 75% of our website’s weekly Internet real estate traffic was coming from a multitude of mobile users, we were careful to choose our recently upgraded mobile friendly template. After exercising due diligence, we upgraded our platform allowing for an easy and fast transmission of clearly legible MLS information to its end-user – on any number of today’s mobile devices.

Real estate listings at your fingertips

Our website – Utah MLS Real Estate has been specifically designed to deliver a user-friendly exchange of MLS information delivered directly from the Washington County Board of realtors multiple listing system. Anyone that has ever experienced a desktop website on a mobile device, understands the frustration of incomplete, interrupted, or just plain nonsensical data. In order to provide our buyers with the rapidly changing inventory on the southern Utah MLS system, our website now uses one of the most current mobile website designs, meant to enhance the end-users experience.

Faster MLS downloads

Our mobile optimized website is designed to deliver the fastest download speed available – equaling less frustration and more southern Utah MLS browsing time. Is a mobile friendly website

Listing data engagement

Utah MLS Real Estate allows its users to immediately search the southern Utah MLS based on specific criteria and receive instantaneous results. Providing all of the pertinent MLS data sheet information; subject property’s square footage, subdivision, address, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, the size of the lot … As well as all of the other data that third-party real estate sites scrape (capture and use) and call their own; think, Zillow, and Truila.

My buyers have a competitive advantage

In the fast-paced real estate world, where the best deals go fast, access to real-time data equals opportunity. Opportunity to find that perfect golf retreat that, five years down the road should net a stellar return on investment (ROI). Because our website delivers fast, real, MLS data to the broad spectrum of mobile devices utilized today, our buyers are informed before the majority of the other potential homebuyers.

Because Utah MLS real estate utilizes an automated MLS system on a mobile friendly platform, our website ensures that its buyers will ultimately find the best deal, first.