Sold Southern Utah Real Estate: Realtors Sell 44 Listings in 7 Days

Realtors with the Washington County Board sold 44 St. George, Utah, real estate listings in the last seven days. Classified as either a single-family residential unit or a condominium/townhome, the total value of these 44 properties was approximately $15 million.

Southern Utah – Up significantly from last week’s 25 closed escrows, the total number of successful real estate transactions for the past week nearly doubled. The reason?  A more stable stock market, a 30-year fixed interest rate that’s still below 5 percent, a freezing East Coast, and an overpopulated and dry West Coast.  In other words, while our weekly real estate sales may ebb and flow, the overall trend for Utah’s population is … growth.

Utah, when measuring “Percentage Growth,” ranked just behind Idaho and Nevada as the fastest-growing state between July 2016 and July 2017, according to the United States Census Bureau. In just 12 short months, Utah increased its population from 3,044,321 residents to 3,101,833 – or 1.9%.

Sold Southern Utah Real Estate: 44 Closed Escrows

It’s Monday, Feb. 19, 2018 – otherwise known as Presidents’ Day – and below are your southern Utah real estate statistics For the week of February 12.

Sold Southern Utah Real Estate Listings: Click to View Entire List

‘Sold’ St. George Statistics

Per FlexMLS and the Washington County Border Realtors (WCBR), over the past  seven days, the ‘Average’ price of a home sold in southern Utah was $362,788.  Additionally, those listings within the ‘Median’ price range sold for approximately $286,000, and Washington County’s most affordable listing sold for  approximately $70,000. Of last week’s 44 closed escrows, 17 listings spent less than 30 days on the WCBR MLS, 13 sold in less than 60 days, 5 closed escrow in less than 90 days, and another 3 took between 90 and 120 to officially close escrow. And six listings were on the MLS for more than 121 days before finding the right buyer.

Last Week Southern Utah Realtors Closed Escrow on Real Estate Totaling $15,962,700

Top Five Sold St. George Real Estate Listings

  • List Price: $975,000 – Sold Price: $950,000 – Days on Market: .26
  • List Price: $999,000 – Sold Price: $940,000 – Days on Market: 154
  • List Price: $879,000 – Sold Price: $860,000 – Days on Market: 116
  • List Price: $799,900 – Sold Price: $798,400 – Days on Market:   42
  • List Price: $749,000 – Sold Price: $725,000 – Days on Market:  158

Southern Utah’s top five real estate listings ocurred in the following subdivisions over the past seven days: Kayenta, Cottonwood Creek, Anasazi Hills Entrada, Tuweap Shonto, and Kachina Springs at Entrada.

Top-Five Sold Southern Utah Real Estate Listings for Week of Feb. 12 2018

The above information is presented as a courtesy of Alex Yeager and Your Southern Utah real estate expert for St. George, Utah and its surrounding communities. All photos provided by the Washington County Border Realtors, Flex MLS, and the listing Realtor. All information is deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed. © 2018 MLS and FBS. Prepared by ALEXANDER YEAGER, 435MLS on  Monday, Feb. 19, 2018.