2016 St. George Utah Parade of Homes

St. George, Utah – it’s January 15, 2016 and that can only mean one thing for southern Utah – The 2016 St. George Parade of Homes is less than one month away.

Kicking off February 12, 2016, the architectural extravaganza that is one of Southern Utah’s largest events will be attracting visitors and potential homebuyers for nine days beginning the second week of February. Initially conceptualized as a means of highlighting some of Southern Utah’s astonishing homes and the incredible quality of life offered in Washington County, the  St. George Area Parade of Homes exposes our sweet little corner of Southern Utah on an annual basis. Enticing potential new residence from different corners of the country to explore Washington County, and all it has to offer.


2016 St. George Utah Parade of Homes

2016 St. George Utah Parade of Homes

As is tradition, the hard-working people at Southern Utah Home Builders Association (SUHBA) and Zions Bank are sponsoring the 2016 St. George area Parade of Homes. A chamber of commerce moment – Parade week in the St. George area is a pretty big deal; stimulating the local economy, and exposing out of area buyers to the hidden gem that is southern Utah. Boosting the local economy, the St. George area Parade of Homes is held every year during the second week of February, kicking off the President’s Day weekend and running for a total of 9 days.

The futuristic look at architecture, floor plans, and amenities – otherwise known as The Parade of Homes – will run through February 21, 2016. Constituting an annual pilgrimage for cutting-edge architects, forward thinking interior designers and those potentially thinking of relocating to our sweet little corner of Southern Utah. Exposing our area to new homeowners while helping them to discover exciting new construction techniques and design applications. Weather permitting, each model home in the Parade of Homes will be ready for the Big Show; decorated, landscaped, and in some cases ready to be sold. Technologically sophisticated amenities are the new norm in many of these futuristic homes of the Southwest, emphasizing the skillful craftsmanship and talented local artisans. These futuristic structures gently intermingle and are seamlessly interlaced within the beautiful red Bluff vistas of the southwestern landscapes.

26 years later, the 2016 St. George Utah Parade of Homes is more relevant than ever.

This year’s event will be featuring futuristic homes loaded with some of the most innovative technological advancements available. Regardless of whether or not you’re a newbie to this event…or this is your 26th year, each and every Parade of Homes offers a learning experience for its attendees.

Last year over 30,000 people flood into Washington County to witness firsthand this architectural juggernaut. While some may scratch their head and wonder,  just what draws so many people to the “Palm Springs” of Utah for the annual Parade of Homes? I’d have to say it’s the access to awe-inspiring day trips, diverse southwestern  activities, pleasant year-round golf temperature, in addition to our affordable cost per square foot for housing. Regardless of the reason our visitors come – The Parade of Homes, hiking through Zion National Park, inexpensive rounds of golf… or relaxing at one of our world-class spas  – they WILL be here in less than 30 days.

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