St. George Utah News: Tased and Confused Man Dies, “100 Deadliest Days” Ads Up, ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Sharknado’ Stars Hit SLC Comic Con And Hurricane Gets Sticky!

St. George, Utah – Life in the high desert can be tough on those with bad judgment: a doomed biker on the Arizona strip gets Tased into the afterlife after acting erratically – Utah’s “100 deadliest days” has 91 mortalities to its ranks – with only two days to go. Can Utah’s roadways stay under 100 deaths for the summer?  Meanwhile, as fall approaches, Salt Lake City is getting ready to host their own Comic Con and Hollywood’s “C list” stars are making the trek out for a quick payday, meanwhile Hurricane, Utah, enjoyed it’s 16th annual ‘Peach Days’ celebration which was attended by thousands.

It’s late and I’ve got an early tee time tomorrow morning, so let’s get to it.

Tazed and confused by a motorcyclist’s irrational actions, a Mohave County Sheriff and Arizona Department of Public safety officer were forced to deploy their teasers when an attempt to pull over a “combative” motorcyclist turned into a game of hide and go seek in the Arizona desert.  It all happened after a Mohave County Sheriff pulled over a man on the Arizona strip for ridding his motorcycle without a license plate. Once stopped, the man began to act unreasonable, eventually fleeing into the dark desert on foot. Once found he became combative and was tased by the MCSO and then again by the Arizona Department of Public Safety officer. While the man survived the initial jolt of authority, he ultimately passed away in police custody.

One third of the way through Labor Day weekend in the Salt Lake Tribune is letting the public know that thus far 91 people have perished on Utah’s highways and byways during the Beehive States summer months. Noting, “We haven’t done too well over these last hundred deadliest days,” Carlos Braceras sounded more than a little dejected over the state’s recent spike in highway mortality rate.

“We’ve had 91 fatalities so far, and that’s up by 18% from last summer – traditionally we see about a 35% increase in fatalities during  the summer months compared to the rest of the year.” Adding “this year has been no exception… as a matter of fact, it’s even worse.”

Staring in ‘Sharknado’ and ‘Hellboy’ does not a “Star” make, at least not in my eyes. But I guess that’s a subjective opinion. Adding some rather dubious celestial credentials to the comic book-based event, Ron Perlman and Ian Ziering of the aforementioned cinematic nightmares, will be attending this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con. As I sit and pound at the keyboard, the Salt Palace convention center in downtown Salt Lake is preparing to open their doors to these comic book loving “Stars” as well as the public from September 4th thru the 6th.

And going out on a sweet note…

Hurricane, Utah’s, 16th annual Peach Days was a smashing success this year with thousands of people taking the time out of their busy day to enjoy some quality time with their immediate family. In typical Utah fashion, Peach Days Picked a favorite day of the American worker to take off and de-stress: Friday morning at 10 AM. With a Saturday morning 12 K “Fun Run,” a parade strolling down Hurricane’s Main Street, and a 9:30 PM fireworks show … everyone in attendance should be tuckered out and ready for a good nights sleep.

Time to get some rest for tomorrow’s golf game –  have a great Labor Day weekend!