A Retirement Community like SunRiver St. George is rare indeed…
St. George’s SunRiver is hands down one of southern Utah’s finest master-planned communities, the first of its kind in the area to focus on active adult lifestyle.

Retirement Community Listings

 SunRiver St. George Utah

Retirement Community Listings

So, you happen to be over 55 years old and growing tired of trying to keep up with the  perpetual rat race. You want to live an active lifestyle during your golden years, yet not spend your weight in gold trying to accomplish this seemingly reasonable goal. That’s were Southern Utah in general and St. George specifically come into play. St. George is relatively warm during its winter months – allowing for rounds of holiday golf –  and only slightly oppressive during the hottest months of summer.

SunRiver St. George is a 55+ community enjoys many of the amenities provided by more expensive planed unit developments – minus the pesky population problem, overcrowded neighborhoods, and the relentless stress of an urban environment .

Nestled along the Arizona, Utah border, SunRiver St. George offers a quiet sanctuary, superbly appointed with residency restricted to those resident over 55. A.K.A. no one under the age of 18 is allowed to take up permanent residents.