Thanks Carmel Surf Lessons

I’m privileged, and I know it…

I grew up on the Monterey Peninsula with a loving family and great friends, but it’s not the whole growing up on the Central Coast that makes me feel “privileged.” It’s the loving family and friends that makes me feel lucky. When I moved to St. George, Utah in 2003, leaving my friends and family of 30+ years, fear of separation from that support base represented the greatest obstacle for my wife and myself.

While leaving the scenic beauty of the Monterey Peninsula, now crowded by traffic and tourists, was difficult, it was necessitated by real estate that hovered between $700 per square foot (psf.) and $1000 psf. With a rapidly growing family and better income prospects in southern Utah, it became painfully obvious that fiscal responsibility would necessitate the relocation of my family to someplace that was safe, smart, and offered better opportunities for all.

Thanks, St. George Utah!

13 years, and countless real estate transactions later, my family has happily acclimated to the slight difference in climate, reduced overhead, more favorable cost of living index … and ultimately, increased vacation opportunities. Which is actually what I want to talk about.

Vacation Opportunities

You Can Always Go “Home”: As a direct byproduct of relocating to southern Utah, we can now afford to actual take a couple of weeks off – temporarily stepping off the hamster wheel of life to enjoy those precious and fleeting moments with our family. When I sold real estate for The Mitchell Group in Carmel, Monterey and Big Sur during the late 90s, every dollar earned seemed earmarked for either PG&E, rent, parking tickets, or food. After relocating to southern Utah and realizing a dramatic decrease in my overall cost of living index, I’ve discovered I now have the time and means to optimize the enjoyment of my family’s formative years.

Capturing the innocence of childhood


While on vacation this year to Central Coast, I was privileged to have my good friend Noah Greenberg give my kids their annual surf lesson. As an adjunct professor at CSUMB and a licensed social worker, Noah’s been surfing for more than 40 years – with his company, ‘Carmel Surf Lessons,’ providing valuable life lessons that support confidence, independence, and teamwork for the past 20+ years.

Tired from the trip from St. George to Monterey, I was anxious to kick the fun off with a quick surf lesson for the kids. Hoping it might take the edge off the kid’s pent-up energy after the 11-hour commute.

Thanks Carmel Surf Lessons from 435MLS

Thanks Carmel Surf Lessons from 435MLS

With the patience of a saint and the equipment of a surf pro, Noah and the Carmel Surf Lessons’ van was at Carmel Beach at 4:00 pm – just in time for low tide and the afternoon glass off. After first sending a text that identified each child’s height and weight, Noah provided a tailor fit wetsuit and proper sized surfboard for each of my three kids. After suiting up and going through the obligatory familiarization of the equipment at hand, it was finally time to commune with mother nature once again – a.k.a. surf my old stomping grounds of 13th St. with great friends and my loving family.

The post is nothing but a straight shout out to my personal therapist, family surf coach, and lifetime friend and owner operator of the best surf school on the Monterey Peninsula. Big love, Noah – thanks for making it another memorable vacation for the kids, my wife, and myself.