The SunRiver Group Takes Over Bloomington Country Club: Offers New Opportunities, Better Facilities, and Upgraded Amenities

According to SunRiver’s Developer Darcy Stewart, Bloomington Country Club (BCC) is about to under go some rather extensive and expensive renovations.

As more than 150 people sat, stood, and rummaged about at last Thursdays meeting at Bloomington Elementary School, SunRiver’s newly outlined plan to rejuvenate and redevelop St. George’s oldest private golf course was unveiled to the packed auditorium.

Homeowners and equity members of BCC listened intently as Stewart explained the existing plans for remodeling the facility’s amenities and increasing Bloomington Country Club’s residential footprint.

The SunRiver Group Takes Over Bloomington Country Club:

BCC’s current plans call for a renovated bar zone, a new fitness area and modernized clubrooms in a freshly remodeled clubhouse. Obviously, the golf course will also get a bit of a face-lift and will be redesigned during this period.

The SunRiver Group Takes Over Bloomington Country Club

The SunRiver Group Takes Over Bloomington Country Club

Per a recent interview, Stewart’s SunRiver Group is predicting a nearly $8 million price tag for the many upgrades to the facilities and surrounding community. The needed funds for Bloomington’s enhancements will come from an amalgamation of private investors, equity membership dues, as well as the addition of new condominium/townhomes and single-family residential units.

While the crowd was overwhelming supportive of the plan, it had a few lingering questions for Stewart: How many homes/condominiums are going to be built — and what about the potential for traffic issues?

According to online reports

 “Stewart took over management of the club in June after board members told him they would be forced to close the club’s doors in July due to a lack of funds. He told the crowd he was reluctant to take on the project but when no other options were available he felt he had no choice.”

In reflecting on the historical significance of Bloomington’s iconic golf course for the greater St. George area, Stewart emphasized the fact that, “SunRiver was concerned about the club’s survival.”

While the spending has already begun in earnest, dropping nearly $1 million of Green to repair the club’s ancient infrastructure and rejuvenate the course. With play scheduled to restart on Oct. 12, a critical set of blunt meetings will be held between residents and equity members over the next few weeks as the SunRiver Group works to finalize its plan and obtain city approval.

“If the timeline moves quickly, Stewart said, clubhouse renovations should be complete by the end of 2015 and residential construction could begin as soon as the second quarter of 2016.”