Top 10 Websites for Manufactured and Modular Homes

St. George, Utah – As home prices continue to increase in southern Utah, many view the option of purchasing rural land and citing a manufactured or modular home near some idyllic Creek or on a Vista-rich mountaintop as a value-added fix for a modern-day dilemma.

In hoping to provide actionable information for homebuyers in this situation here are the …

Top 10 Websites for Manufactured and Modular Homes

1. Manufactured Homes  – With 3-D tours, an accurate database for multiple manufacturers, tons of vivid images, dozens of manufactured home videos, easily accessible and accurate price quotes,a user-friendly interface, and an informative weekly blog page. 

2.  –  A similar concept to  Manufactured Homes, provides useful information for online shoppers looking for “factory built” or “prefabricated” structures, more often than not, contemporary in design. 

3.  –  Selling manufactured homes to satisfied customers since 1971, Oak Creek Homes celebrated 45 years in business this year. Featuring a content-rich website with excellent digital images of the different floor plans available, and the many options that make these homes so flexible and desirable. the one downside to this otherwise user-friendly website is they don’t have multiple products and no geo-targeting for inexperienced computer users.

4. MHVillage – Great database, a little confusing as far as his website design goes, but if you need a used home they are the go to source –  not horribly great for newer inventory though.

5.   Sunshine Homes –   Also in business for 45 years and first established in 1971, Sunshine Homes deserve to be in my top 10 websites for manufactured and modular homes  simply because of their massive and modern inventory, helpful three-dimensional tours of their models, and a convenient floor plan for ease of understanding the layout of each model.

6.   Clayton Homes –   Good content and great concepts but a little confusing because of the lack of geo-targeting so you have to jump through hoops to get local results. That said, the unified database of all their factories is very convenient. As should be expected, they did a great job on the overall website design and layout – keeping the end-user/customer in mind

 7.  Champion Homes –   Offering a visually pleasing website and fresh off a recent re-design, they feature good content, though 3-D tours are a little janky. But in the overall scheme of things, the’re moving up this list fast. Dependable, factual and reliable…they always do a good job representing the industry

8. Legacy Housing –  Not quite in the same class as the others, but they should be commended for their efforts – at least in terms of their web presence. As for their Manufactured housing models, well, that’s another thing altogether.

9. Homes Direct –  Our first dealer to make the list, and they do a great job with multiple manufacturers and retail locations.

10. Manufactured Home Living News –  And last but not least on the southern Utah Top 10 Website For Manufactured and Modular Homes is this article driven site; not necessarily aimed at  the overall shopping experience, but rather a website that should be utilized as a great source of educational material for someone just exploring our industry. This company has a deep history so we expect good things to come in the future.